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Should Megan’s Law Have More Bite?

Autor BeSafeScreening | 02.27.2008 | Category Megan's Law

B & T Tenant and Employment Screening, Bakersfield California, 2/27/08. In 2005, Nicole Parra introduced AB 438 to try and insure apartment owners the right to deny based on information gathered through the Megan’s Law web site. This bill was voted down by our legislaters. Why is that? We as a society need to do “the right thing” and protect our children from sexuial predators. I urge all Californian’s to contact your State and local politicians to re-introduce a new bill granting property owners the option of denying based on information gathered from the Megan’s Law website. According to Scott Ciment, who works for California Attorneys for Criminal Justice one of the few groups protecting the rights of sex offenders, “the problem saying that we’re going to allow landlords to not rent to somebody who has to register is that it’s going to be pretty difficult to find a place to live.” Oh darn! So let’s weigh the two options. On one hand we have sex offenders having trouble finding a place to live and on the other we have convicted sex offenders living next door to unknowing families and children. That is like waving a glass of alcohol to an alcoholic. Eventually they are going top fall off the wagon. I hope they don’t fall off the wagon with someone you are close to!

Be Date Safe

Autor BeSafeScreening | 02.25.2008 | Category Dating Game

With the takeoff of the online dating services and their popularity around the world, it has become increasingly more important to know who it is you are dating or even thinking about dating. Recently the state of New Jersey passed a law requiring online dating services to do background checks on their clients. Although the intentions of this law are commendable, these checks are far and away inadequate and for the most part ineffective. “The online dating industry tends to get a real bad rap, because of criminal activity”, said True.com’s founder and chief executive, Herb Vest. There are no authoritative national statistics on serious crimes arising from online dating, but such cases periodically make headlines. A Philadelphia man, Jeffrey Marsalis, was accused of raping several women he met through Match.com, and was sentenced in October to at least 10 years in prison. A Cleveland firefighter, George Greer, was indicted last June for raping a woman he met through an internet dating site. Match.com, one of the largest dating services, said it had been assessing online background checks for six years and concluded they offered no extra protection. “Match.com is disappointed New Jersey has enacted a flawed and unconstitutional law and we will explore opportunites to challenge it”, a company statement said. It’s so superficial that it’s worthless”, said Braden Cox, policy counsel with NetChoice, a coalition of e-commerce companies that includes Yahoo, AOL and other major players in online dating. Even sponsers of the New Jersey Bill conceded it was imperfect, but suggested it would at least make online daters more aware of security concerns. There are people out there looking for a site where they’d feel a little bit safer”, said Jayne Hitchcock of York, Maine, who did a complete background check, on her own, regarding her fiance who she met on True.com after becoming a victim of identity theft in the past. With thousands upon thousands using the internet dating scene it is irresponsible to assume the online dating service can protect you. It is your responsibility to ensure your own safety. B & T Tenant an Employment Screening can help you know the person you are seeing. Credit reports, past civil cases, criminal background and DMV reports can give you a very good idea who the person is you are dating. Be safe is our motto. In this day and age it is one of the most valuable tools you can have. Let us help you in knowing that you will not be the next victim in the online dating scene.